Nose Hair Trimmers Guide – How to Choose Nose Hair Trimmers

by Matt Rilke

Looking for the best nose hair trimmers? You’ve come to the right place. On this website you’ll find unbiased nose hair trimmer reviews that will help you to pick the right nose hair groomer for your needs. There are many nose hair trimmers out there on the market that will help you cut nose hair effectively but not all of them are excellent products.

Many nasal hair trimmers are poorly made and may cause pain when used. When choosing electric nose hair trimmers, you’ll need to carefully examine its features and reputation amongst other buyers. This will help you choose nose hair trimmers that are pain free and built to last for years.

The problem of over-grown or excessive nose hair may be more common to men but some women experience this problem too. It can be rather unsightly to see nose hair sticking out of one’s nostrils! But before you start trimming away your nose hair, it’s necessary for you to know that it is a protective mechanism for the body to keep out dirt. Nose hair grooming doesn’t involve complete removal of your nose hair but rather specific reduction of nasal hair length.

Although most popularly marketed as mens nose hair trimmers, ladies who have nose and ear hair can definitely use electric nose trimmers as well. The best nose trimmers are not gender-specific and will work well for either men or ladies. There is no difference between nose hair trimmers for men and ladies nose hair trimmers.

nose hair trimmer benefits

Well trimmed nose hair makes you look better instantly. See the difference it made for Vince Vaugh!

Do nose hair trimmers hurt? No, they should not cause any pain. Especially if you are using a high quality nasal hair trimmer that is well designed. There are some nose hair removers that are made to pull hair out from the roots and this will cause a slight twinge of pain when used.

Electric nose hair trimmers are just like the normal hair clippers you often see barbers using in hair salons. They are safe machines that are designed to cut hair and not completely uproot your entire strand of hair. This will not result in any pain whatsoever.

How do nose hair trimmers work? To eliminate unwanted hair, the nose hair shaver works in two different ways, and it will depend on what model you choose. Some come with a blade that spins in one direction only, while others have an oscillating blade that will move from left to right while it trims.

The blades in a nose trimmer are similar to those you see in electric shavers, especially that of rotary shavers. But the difference is that the nose hair trimmers are almost always battery powered and have a small comb in front of the blades to protect your nose, and also align the hairs for cutting.

There are many different brands of nose hair trimmers, and almost all companies that produce men’s grooming accessories have a model or two in the market. You might want to take your time to choose though, because like everything else some are good and some are not so good. I recommend getting Panasonic nose trimmers, Wahl nose hair trimmers and other specialty brands like Braun, Norelco, Phillips and Groom Mate. These are all trusted nose hair trimmer manufacturers.

The best place to buy nose hair trimmers is I’ve noticed that Amazon usually offers excellent discounts on nose and ear trimmers: their online prices are often cheaper than retail stores. And shipping is fast and sometimes free as well. Its also a fantastic place to read about nose hair trimmer comparisons or ear and nose hair trimmer reviews before making a purchase.

Characteristics of the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

The best nose hair clipper should have the following qualities:

  • No pain. Nose and ear trimmers should never pluck hair; they should only cut. Plucking hair in a sensitive place like the nose can lead to minor lesions and discomfort.

  • Excellent blades. It should have chrome or stainless steel blades only as these do not rust. The main difference will lie in how the blades move – some of the one-directional blades require that you use your hand to move the blade, which becomes rather clumsy if you have to widen your nostril.

  • Easy to clean. Look for nose clippers that you can clean in water. A removable head will allow you to do this. Some nose ear trimmers even have mini vacuums which will suck in trimmed hair.

  • Long Battery life. A good nose hair clipper should be able to hold a charge for a long time so you can travel with it.

  • Pricing. A really good nose hair trimmer is worth paying good money for so the price should not be a main factor when it comes to choosing nose and ear hair trimmers. However, sometimes you can find special package discounts on where you’ll get a reduced price if you purchase a nose trimmer and an electric shaver together.

There are many nose hair trimmers that work well. As mentioned earlier, some of the more positively reviewed brands, including nose hair trimmers on tv, are Wahl, ManGroomer, Phillips, Panasonic, Remington and Conair. These nose hair trimmer are reviewed extensively on this website and places like Most of the top nose hair trimmers have the following characteristics in common:

  1. They don’t cause any pain at all – which is a common problem with cheap nose hair shavers that are poorly made.

  2. They can be used by just about anyone. Old folks, men, ladies and teens – these trimmers should be easy to handle, without any risk of any injury whatsoever.

  3. They don’t clog up with hair getting stuck in the blade area so you can keep trimming until you’re finished.

  4. They last for a long time. A good nose hair trimmer can usually last for many years without breaking down.

I’ve taken all these points into consideration in my nose hair trimmer reviews so you can rest assured that you’ll only be recommended best-rated nose hair trimmers that are well-built and work extremely well. I’ve used countless types of nose hair trimmers over the years and these are the ones that really work flawlessly to trim your nose hair.

Here are my Top 3 recommendations for nose hair trimmers. Click on the links to read a full review of each product:
1. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
2. Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer
3. MANGROOMER Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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Matt Rilke